1991 Dodge Ramcharger LE

It's a 1991 Dodge Ramcharger LE 4x4 and Equipped with:
318 cu in (5.2 L) V8, TBI
4-speed A518(46RH) Torqueflite Automatic Transmission
NP241D Transfercase
Dana 44 Front & Dodge 9.25 Rear, 3.54 Gears
32x10.50r15 B.F. Goodrich All-Terrain T/A's
Mickey Thompson Classic II Polished Mag Wheels
Air Conditioning
Power Windows
Manual Windows and Locks
Cloth Seats
Rubber Floors
Delay Wipers
Tilt Steering Column

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  So here is a new project. Originally I was going to Paint the 1994 Dodge 2500 "Old Gray", but came across this Ramcharger before I got started on it.
It's a little rough in the typical St. Louis Rust spots for vehicles of this age, and yes it lived in St. Louis till 2012 where it was still passing Emissions Test.
The Passenger Rear Side Glass is shattered. The Oil Pressure Gauge and Idiot Light Don't work, neither does the Speedometer or Fuel Gauge or any of the message center or 4x4 Indicator Lights. Also, there is a battery drain issue, after 4 days the battery is too drained to start the truck.
The aftermarket radio is crap and the PRND21 indicator is broke. Everything else works and the truck is mostly unmolested and in good shape.
A couple of sags in the headliner, and a hole in the passenger side floor that has affected the passenger seat mounting. The body rust is all repairable for a nice vehicle, or don't worry about it if you off road it.
First I'll tackle the electrical issues, then the hole in the floor and seat mount.

  Found the Battery Drain problem. One Dome Light was missing a bulb, the other had a blown bulb, but the Key Ring Light was still working. I noticed it remained on long after the doors were shut, and sure enough, when I did the light draw test it was the culprit. Turns out the Drivers Door Dome Light switch is bad.
I also found the problem with the Gauges and Dash Information Lights:
The Oil Light was burnt out, and the Oil Pressure Sender was bad.
The Fuel gauge works, and with a little testing it turns out the issue is likely a bad float. Low ohm reading coming from the tank, and it doesn't change after adding 5 gallons of fuel.
The other information lights were all missing bulbs. Why? So a previous owner would not be bothered by the missing parking brake intermediate cable and the external alternator regulator causing a check engine light (code 41).
The 4X4 light bulb was also missing, a bad/dirty connection in the engine bay and a bad switch on the CAD.
Found the Speedometer was good, just a bad driven gear in the transfercase.
The crappy aftermarket Radio was junk, installed a stock AM/FM Radio from a 1986 Ramcharger, and thankfully the trucks radio harness was all still stock and in good condition, so the radio plugged right in and works.
Replaced the PRND21 Indicator in the gauge cluster so now you can see what gear it's in.
Found a previously replaced burnt fusible links in the engine compartment, and a couple of wires that were apparently shaved a little during its replacement investigation that I will clean up a little. Seems to be the only place the stock wiring is damaged/modified.
Burned out one of the other fusible links when I re-wrapped the wiring as it must have been brittle and boke a few strands. Now I've got a new item to fix.
I did determine that it was the Heater and Emergency Flasher Fusible Links that had previously been burnt out and replaced.
I did get the A/C to work, turns out it hade already been updated to the new Freon, but has a small leak.
I pulled the seats and sill plates so I could remove the rubber floor. Well, I was treated with more rust. Apparently, the truck had been hosed out at some point(s) in its life and the floorboards held the water in the insulation and rusted them out from the inside. From the bottom, you can see holes but the surface isn't rusted.

  I don't think the driver's door inside has ever been into since it was built in 1991 on the Ramcharger.
The lower Door Hinge had broken through the sheet metal, so I fixed that and got the door aligned and opening and closing very well.
Just waiting on the new Body Bushings and replacement floor pans.

  Parts have arrived for the Ramcharger. Got the new Body Bushings installed, and started cutting the rust out of the Passenger Side and repairing the cracks and broken welds. I also cut down the replacement floor pan to fit as needed. It's ready to weld in, then start on the driver's side.

  Got the Passenger Floor Welded in on the Ramcharger. Next comes the Drivers side work.

  Even though you could put your foot through the floor on the passenger side. The moment you realize the driver's side floor is worse than passenger side has you going, Ah Man!
Got the portion of the floor the seat mounts too, back level and reattached to the underfloor braces. Next comes more cutting and patching before trying to cut and fit the replacement floor.

  Well, the driver's Floor is also now welded in place. It was more work than the passenger side, but both seats should be stable and no Flintstone Floors anymore.
  The front floors are done and the rear corners of the load floor are as well. Next, I'll fabricate a seat hinge for the passenger seat and then re-install the floors and seats.

  I fabricated the OverKill Passenger Seat Hinge. It's a little taller than stock, but will work great and be solid. The stock seat tilt stop didn't fit, so I build in a fixed stop and the seat stops just over an inch from the windshield.
As a result, I was now able to reinstall the interior. Next the passenger side door trim a rear speaker and the interior is done.
Then a little tune up and a final electrical connection and she will be ready for some road time.

  Well, I'm down to replacing the side Window, putting together a door pull and some cleanup on the Ramcharger.
I did an inspection on the brakes, and they are good, but the parking brake cables are frozen. I did clean up the Mickey Thompson Wheels some, they look a little better. I also replaced the fusible link. The Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap and Rotor have all been changed as well as the oil and filter as well.
  Thanks to Jason one of my son-in-laws I have a couple of rough wood shaped arm rest pulls.  I was able to craft and screw one onto the drivers side door, so you can now pull and close easly.

  Well, Whenever the State of IL get around to doing the Title work, I'll be able to get the Ramcharger Licensed and then get it to the glass shop to get the side glass replaced. Other than that it's ready for the road.

  All the fixes complete and ready for the road and some fun