Blasting, Body Work and Painting on my 1946 Dodge Power Wagon

I'm not doing a show truck, but I'm wanting a good looking well protected truck.  This truck will see use/service, and I want it to be a nice looking but not cringe if I get a scratch or dent.  As for Color, I'm going Red over Black.

Supplies and materials are more expensive than you think, but I'll save the labor and learn a lot in attempting to do it myself.  I'm paying to have the blasting done as the proper blaster and a large enough compressor just isn't in my bag of tools.  Thanks to a couple of great friends and Kevin Tetz's DVD's I'm trying something I've never been any good at, Painting.

Here are some of the materials/items I'm using in the process:

Kirker Enduro Prime Epoxy Primer - Gray - EP61111 Kirker Enduro Prime Epoxy Primer Catalyst-1 Gallon - EPC611
Kirker Black Diamond Low-VOC 2K Urethane fill Primer Buff - UP751 Kirker Black Diamond Univeral Low-VOC Activator - LVA-365
EverCoat Z-Grip Non-Clog Lightweight Filler - 282 U-Pol Dolphin Glaze Finishing Putty-880 ml Bottle - UP0713
Transtar Finish-Tec Urethane Grade Reducer Slow Speed - 6721 Transtar Finish-Tec Urethane Grade Reducer Fast Speed - 6701
Mirka Autokut PSA Sandpaper Rolls  (80, 120, 180, 220, 320, 400) Mirka Linkrol 6" PSA Sanding Discs (80, 120, 180, 220, 320, 400)
Kirker Black Diamond LVB Flame Red - LVB-51429 Kirker Black Diamond Univeral Low-VOC Activator- LVA-375
Kirker Black Diamond LVB Super Jet Black - LVB-70330 Kirker Black Diamond Univeral Low-VOC Activator - LVA-365
Kirker Ultra-Glo Acrylic Urethane Enamel - Flame Red - UA-51429 Kirker Ultra-Glo Urethane Medium Speed Activator - US1600-M
Kirker Ultra-Glo Acrylic Urethane Enamel - Black - UA-70330 Kirker Ultra-Glo Fast Speed Urethane Reducer - UR-9065
Eastwood PRE Painting Prep U-POL 820 Raptor BLACK Urethane Truck Bed Liner
Transtar Finish-Tec Kwik Seal 2K Urethane Sealer - Gray - 6231 Transtar Finish-Tec Kwik Seal 2K Urethane Sealer Activator - 6254
Eastwood Silver Cad Aerosol - Cadmium Plating Paint  

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  Started the blasting and priming of a few parts today.  The sand blaster found a few new thin spots that I'll be repairing.  With the paint gone, there is more metal damage than was visible before, wow.  I'll repair the bad spots, but not sure I can ever get it back to factory surfaces.  Thanks to a great neighbor and friend, I've got access to a real paint booth.  2011-10-18

  Today I started the additional repairs to the primed parts.  Yea, the fender had some holes and a lot of pitting, but all in all not bad.  I had already cut this area out of the other fender and welded in  anew panel, but this one I went this route.  Welding up holes in one fender, both headlight buckets, and a running board.  After that I re-primed them.  2011-10-19

  Well, I discovered today that my Primer was a 1:1 not a 4:1 mix!  The primer doesn't sand too well when it's nor cured enough.  I'm sure not a body man, but the headlight buckets are coming along pretty good.  The fenders lower mounting portion were just to help clean them up, as the reinforcement plates will cover almost all of the pitted area.  Now to let the primer dry enough to re-body fill a few small spots and then sand for finish.  2011-10-21

  The headlight buckets have had another round of body filler, and I've painted the inside of them silver.  Fixed a few more items on the Cab, and prepped it for media blasting.  After cleaning the heater core, I installed the new motor in the MoPar Deluxe Heater, now to find/decide on it's color.  2011-10-24

  Today I got some time back in the paint booth.  I primed the wheels and applied the Filler Primer to the headlights, fenders, side curtains and fan shroud.  Now to get some color on the wheels.  Well I didn't get color on the wheels.  I goofed and ordered the wrong paint.  I ordered a Basecoat, not a One Stage paint.  So I'm back to ordering paint again.  2011-10-25

  Sanded the Running Boards, Inner Fenders, Fan Shroud, Driving Lights and Headlight Buckets in preparation for paint.  WOW, the sandable fill primer is amazing.  The use of a guild coat makes it a natural action.  The Inner Fenders are still a little rough, but plan on undercoating them, so the filling there was to lessen the depth of the pits.  the running boards will be covered in a be liner material so there also not perfect.  The Headlight Buckets are looking good.  I might have to put a little glaze on them to fill a small spot here or there, but otherwise they are looking great.  I started the painting of the MoPar DeLuxe Model No. 29 Heater, but it will need a second coat as well.  2011-10-26

  A good days work.  I put part of the MoPar DeLuxe Model 29 Heater together. Not sure I have the correct mounting components, but will figure it out.  I built a air filter box, using 3 24x24 air filters and a 12" 12HP fan.  This should be a great improvement over my box fan with a 20"x20" filter.  Managed to get a second set of parts to the sand blaster.  The Hood, Grill Shell, Floor Boards, Tunnel Cover and Grill were all blasted for a 126.60.  The hood only needs a little additional cleaning.  the floor boards, well I was able to patch the passenger side, not sure what I will do with the drivers side.  The tunnel cover, had a few new holes, but easily patched.  The Grill Shell, only needed to have to nuts welded in for the grill to attach with.  I did get a little primed sprayed on the grill and tunnel cover.  2011-10-28

  I got the Hood, Grill, Grill Shell and Floor Bards Primed.  The last big items left to blast and prime is the cab and doors.  2011-10-31

  I got some paint booth time, and laid down my first paint on the 1946 Power Wagon.  Flame Red, it's not as bright as the computer shows, but it is a nice eye catching red.  I painted the Wheels and Grill.  2011-10-31

  Did some dent removal, and applied some bond to the grill shell.  then I sprayed the sand-able primer and guide coat.  2011-11-19
  After sanding the Hood and grill, I had to go farther than I liked, so I've applied a second coat.  Now to final sand them and move on to other parts.  2011-11-20

  After a little shopping trip, I finished sanding the hood, tunnel cover and grill, then painted the Floor boards, Inner Fenders and Fan shroud.  The Accelerator Pedal, Floor Boards are pitted bad, but they will get me by until Matt makes a run of them with out the cut outs that I can purchase.  The Inner Fender Panels still have some pits, but they will be under coated so that should not be an issue.  2011-11-21

  Today was a day of priming and painting, yet again.  I'm clearly not a painter, as witnessed by the paint runs on one of the head light buckets.  I'll be sanding and re-painting it.  The fenders have the sandable primer on them now. The fenders won't look good when done but should look better and be well protected.  I've straightened and filled the bad spots, but they are further gone than I'm willing or able to restore.  The Parking Light Buckets came out pretty good.  I also re-coated the Tunnel Cover after sanding it with another coat of sandable primer and prepped it for paint.  I then painted it, the grill/radiator support and front fender mounts black.  Lastly today I dropped the Cab and Doors off at the sand blasters.  Hope to get it back tomorrow so I can prime it before Thanksgiving.  2011-11-22

  Got the Cab Blasted and back home today.  It took them 2.5 hours to blast the Cab and Doors.  Job came out pretty good.  I've got a few more spots to patch/repair, but not as bad as I feared.  Outside and Inside was blasted well.  I'll have to repair the cowl vent rain gutter, will likely use fiberglass there. The roof actually looks better (smother) with the paint gone, but I'm sure that will change once I get some primer on it.  The doors came out OK, they will still be workable, but they are not a solid as I thought.  The black rectangles on the inside are spots I taped off so keep a spot of the original Red for reference.  You can actually see part of the name that was painted on the doors.  I can't make out what was in an arch on the top door, but the middle looks to be ROBINSON (painted two different times in two different heights of letters.), and the lower looks to be CHESTERFIELD (although the C..FI..D aren't clear).  2011-11-23

  Finished off the additional cab repairs and got it primed.  Will have to brush prime a few interior hard to spray spots, but all in all not bad.  Next some more door repairs and prime them, then start the body filler on the cab.  2011-11-28

  Spent the past two days working on the doors and cab.  I did some repairs on the doors, and then got them primed.  Then started on the body filler work on the cab.  I'd planned on "smoothing" out the roof, but seem to have gotten a little carried away and am now close to a "good" surface.  Hope I've not made a mistake!  2011-11-30

  Well, after another day of filling, filing and sanding, I think I'm good with the Cab Roof.  Now to work on the below the belt line part of the cab.  2011-12-01

  Did a little more roof work, then started on the back of the cab and the sill areas.  Clean, fill, let cure, sand, repeat.  My arm might be telling me in the morning to take a brake.  2011-12-02

  Well, after another days work, the almost final filler and sanding was done.  I also got a coat of epoxy primer on it as well.  Now to fill any small spots/holes and start eh fill primer and sanding.  2011-12-05

  Well, I got some of what I thought were the last dents on the cab filled, and got the sandable primer sprayed.  (Pictures before guide coat.)  I've found I still have several small imperfections to fill, and a dent I hadn't noticed before.  Tomorrow starts the sanding all over.  I did get a response from U-Pol on which surface they prefer I spray the Raptor Urethane Truck Bed Liner on.  They say because of the high solvent base in the Raptor Liner material, they prefer that I spray it over the epoxy primer rather than the fresh paint.  2011-12-06

  Well, another day of sanding, filling sanding, etc...  I got it I believe "good enough" and sprayed another coat of sandable primer.  I also managed to fill and sand the fenders and spray them as well.   2011-12-07

  Well I've done the final sanding on the cab, I hope. Had a few spots to still fill before I could say I was done, but it is, please let it be done.  It's not a perfect finish, I'm sure there are some waves or such, but wow, do I have a better appreciation for the guys with this ability and talent.  Next I'll start the process of masking and taping, and then painting the inside and spraying the bed liner.  Then and maybe then I can paint the exterior and see how bad it looks.  2011-12-08

  After a day off taking care of my lovely wife's Christmas Present, I got back to work for another day's progress.  I masked off the Cab and Grill Shell in preparation for the non-exterior surface paint, and the bead liner spraying. I've painted all the interior surfaces (except the dash) that won't be sprayed with the Raptor Liner Material (Floor, Fire-wall and back lower of cab).  I also sprayed the bottom of the cab where the Raptor won't go as well.  U=Pol recommended to spray the Raptor onto the Epoxy Primer rather than the fresh paint.  As I needed a clean painted edge to line up to I painted the door jams in preparation.  these edges will have the Raptor on paint, but not a large area.  Later next week, I'll pull some of the masking off, and re-mask and spray the Raptor Material.  Then the outer Firewall will need to be painted, then it will be time to paint the exterior show surfaces.  I also painted the Grill Shill non-exterior show surfaces as well.  2011-12-10
  Thanks to Glenn at Slusher's Downtown Tire & Auto Service in Sikeston MO, I now have my 1100-16 Michelin XZL's mounted for the 1946 Power Wagon.  2011-12-12

  Short days work today, but got the body re-taped, scuffed and the Raptor Bed Liner sprayed on the cab bottom as well as the underside of the floor boards.  2011-12-15

  Another short day, but I must let the paint dry before I can move on to spraying the bed liner on the cab interior.  I painted the engine side of the fire wall and re-painted the wiper cowl (had a few specks and some scratches that came through).  I've included a shoot of the XZL's as compared to the M's IROKS.  The M's tire is only inflated to 10 psi, so it looks shorter that it should.  2011-12-16

  Today I painted the running boards and the underside edges of the front fenders, all in preparation for spraying the Raptor Bed Liner.  The tops of the running boards, and the underside of the fenders will be coated with the Raptor material.  I also taped off and prepped the cab floor for spraying the Raptor Bed Liner as well.  2011-12-17

  This afternoon I sprayed the Cab Floor, Seat Brackets and kick panels with the 3 coats of the Raptor Bed Liner.  I also got the 1st coat on the top side of the floor boards.  I then un-masked the entire cab.  Now to let it dry, and re-mask for the exterior painting.  2011-12-18

  Just a little work today before I go under the drill tomorrow for a root cannel!  I finished spraying the Raptor Bed Liner on the Floor Panels, running Boards, and bottom side of the Fenders.  Parts came out nice.  I also installed the previously sprayed panels to close out the access holes in the Cab floor and mounted the rear seat mount bracket.  Got a review of my work by me friend and body shop guy.  He said it was looking good, just a little more prep, and it can be sprayed with sealer and paint.  2011-12-19

  A long day today.  I taped and masked the cab, filled and sanded the cab yet again, and then cleaned and loaded it onto the trailer.  2011-12-21

  Thanks to a great friend I got some time and some time in the paint booth and great instructions.  3 coats of single stage paint on the cab, hood and grill shell.  A couple of runs and a couple of sags to address, but I'm very happy with the results.  Pick them up tomorrow and un-mask/take and see how it looks as a package.  2011-12-22

  Brought the Cab, Hood and Grill home this morning to my shop.  I've also de-masked/taped everything.  The roof looks so much better than I expected.  Once it's cured enough I'll work on the runs/sags and a few touch up spots.  I've also got to paint the door strikers and hood attachment point.  2011-12-23
  Click the picture to the left to see a page of more detailed pictures of the Cab/Hood/Grill Shell Paint results.  Merry Christmas!  2011-12-24
  Having sandblasted the Glove Box Door, Grill Corners, and Wiper Covers while visiting the family over Christmas (used Pop's sandblaster), It's time to remove a few dents and prime them in preparation for filling and painting.  2012-01-02
  Well, I did a little body filler, and some more sanding today, then sprayed the fill primer on the Glove Box Door, Steering Wheel Brackets, Hood Hinge, Grill Corners and Wiper Motor Covers.  2012-01-03

  Painted the Steering Wheel, Headlight Bases, Steering Wheel Bracket, Hood Hinges, Headlight Buckets, Radiator Cap and miscellaneous Bolts and Washers.  I also sanded the Glove Box Door, Grill Corners and Wiper Covers.  2012-01-06

  Painted the Glove Box, Wiper Covers, Grill Corners, Electric Wiper Bezels, and Hand Throttle Spring and shaft.  I also touched up a few spots in the door opening where the interior and exterior paint jobs meet.  I painted the small area of the hood hinges (inside engine side that's exposed when hood opened) that didn't get sprayed because of the hoods position while spraying.  All this little clean and paint work sure take time.  2012-01-07
  Had to re-paint one of the Head Light Buckets, I didn't get enough coat thickness last time and the texture was not nice enough.  I'm still gathering and painting lots of fasteners as well.  2012-01-11
  Still more small parts and fasteners to paint.  Here the cable pass-through, Hood bumpers, and Door/Window Handles.  2012-01-13
  Will, other than the rear drive shaft and a few bolts/nuts, I've also painted the last of the brake lines.  2012-01-23

  Well, today was sand, fill, sand, fill, and sand some more.  Preparing to paint the top side of the front fenders.  Other than these fenders, the only major part left is the doors.  Then I will be into building and painting the flat bed, at some point.  2012-01-25

  Well, the fenders were ugly when I started, and I'll say they are still ugly, just shinny now so you can see how ugly.  Turns out the last minute fill and sanding of some spots I noticed yesterday, weren't sanded as good as I thought.  Also there is just too much dist in my shop.  However they should look much better than they did, they would just look even better in flat paint.  2012-01-26

  Well, I started on the doors.  Based on others comments on the earlier photo's of the doors, I proceeded under the impression that the doors were stretched.  I thought the low oil can spots were shrunk, but no one else did.  The first picture shows the drivers door before, then after I shrank the oil caned areas.  they shrank, and pulled the center in.  So apparently the doors weren't stretched, they were indeed shrunk.  No I've got a real mess on my hands.  You can't get access to the back side to hammer them out, and the earlier door repairs have the skins welded on in places, so I can't remove the skins either.  I did more heat shrinking work on the passenger door, and it's los now as well, but at least no longer oil canned.  With nothing to loose but frustration and time, I started to try filling it, first with fiber filled body filler, then the lightweight top filler.  Now to start sanding and filling the left over holes/low areas.  What a mess I've now gotten my self into.  2012-01-31

  Started the day sanding, filling, sanding, filling, repeating.  Got the door shape pretty decent, and then sprayed the fill primer.  Now for another round of sanding on it, and likely a little small filling here and there.  2012-02-01

  Well against my better judgement, I hammered and hammered, then went to shrinking some more just to get the oil canning out and get the door stiff enough to work with filler on.  It's a long way from the good crowned surface, but I can now work with it.  The door when finished will be flatter than it should be, but until I get a set of good doors I think I can make it work.  2012-02-02

  Even though it's probably a waste, I'm proceeding with the fill on the drivers door.  Hope they stay together long enough to get a set of good replacements and get them done and installed.  2012-02-03
  The new light weight filler arrived this afternoon.  So I got some more filling and sanding done.  Also had a nice visit from a friend and fellow Dodge lover.  Brian H. came by to admire the truck and see what I was upto.  He thinks it looks better in person that is does in pictures, I'm not sure I'd go that for, but THANKS!  2012-02-07

  After Gabrielle competed in the County Spelling Bee, and finished 17th out of 43 I decided to do a little more filling and sanding and spray the sandable fill primer of the drivers door and inner door panels.  2012-02-08
  Finally feeling like my sinus could handle a little painting, so I got the interior trim parts primed and painted.  Now I can install the headliner.  2012-02-22
  Well after some more filling and sanding the doors are now ready for paint.  2012-02-24

  Got the inside of the doors painted.  In the second picture you can see the spot of old paint I left for color comparison.  The new paint almost makes the old color look like red primmer.  Now to let if dry and then tape it off and paint the outer skin of the doors.  2012-02-25

  Well, no matter how much you fill and sand, fill and sand, etc... it seams paint always shows you never did enough of it.  the doors are OK considering where I started after blasting.  2012-02-27

  The doors looked only OK, I sure didn't get them as smooth of a surface as I thought, and should have applied another coat of sandable primer and sanded one last time before painting.  But the doors will do until I get a good set.  The door panels and mirrors are now painted as well.  Except for a few fasteners, some touch-ups the painting is done.  2012-02-28
    Don't forget to check out the Reassembly page to see how all these painted parts came back together. 

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