Reassembly of my 1946 Dodge Power Wagon

Now that some parts are painted and ready, the Re-Assembly of the Power Wagon has begun.

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  The worst part about the reassembly, is all the fasteners that have to be cleaned, primed, painted, or bought.  But the work begins.  The radiator and fan shroud are temporarily held in place while the final bolts and washers are painted.  With David's (son-in-law) help, I got the grill shell mounted on the frame, so it's starting to look like a truck again.  I've also installed the new rubber door bumpers and painted the door strikers.  2012-01-02

  Boy I hope I didn't make a mistake in installing the cowl vent gasket.  that think is a pain to install, and I hope the adhesive worked.  I also cleaned and installed the Windshield.  I made a small adjustment, hut might have to make another one once I install the regulator.  2012-01-03
  Only a little work today after another Dentist visit.  Did some part prep work for paint, and dug out the electric wiper motors I've had since 08/04.  Now to try and remember if they were still 6V or were converted to 12V?  2012-01-05
  Well, I took the plunge and drilled the holes in the cab for the Electric Wipers.  In addition to the ant-rotation holes I had to enlarge the wiper shaft holes as well.  2012-01-07

  Installed the Wipers and Glove Box.  However I found an interference issue between the VPW metal Glove Box and the Cowl Vent.  I ended up having to trim the lower passenger side cornet off the cowl vent air deflector to allow it to close properly.  It's still a tight fit but it doesn't touch or hit now.  I stalled the grill aslo, so it's looking more like a PW.  After some repairs to it, I installed the Windshield Regulator as well.  Had to replace the tape, and fix the tape guide to keep proper tape engaugement.  I need to get some new proper bolts to attach it, but it fits and works great.  2012-01-09

  I started the day off by rigging the cab to be installed later in the day when the son-in-laws come over after work to help set it.  I had rigged up a beam to span between the door opening and rest on the end of the engine hoist lift arm.  I jacked the cab up and set it on a dolly that the engine hoist could straddle, and removed my wheels from the bottom of the cab that I used to work on the cab.  I then put the hoist into position and lifted the cab a little, then installed 4 straps to help stabilize it when it's lifted.  Next I worked on cutting out the firewall insulator, then installed the hood lacing.  I also installed the plaques on the glove box door, boy do I dislike riveting.  Jason and David came over, and the cab install was next.  It went very well, and the rigging worked perfect.  For a photo op, we set the hood on, and it looks close.  Will need to raise the grill shell some to get proper alignment, but it's close.  While they guys were here I also installed the steering column as the cab has to be lifted to fit it through the cab (with the steering wheel installed).  The cab was pulled from the truck just under two years ago (1/27/10), and it's great to have it back on!  2012-01-10

  In an effort to get the trucks fresh tires out of my way, and to see how they look on the truck I went ahead and installed them on the truck.  the result is beautiful, and lifted the truck a 2+ inches. over where it was, and because of the 10 leaf front springs it was already 2 inched higher than the white 1949 Power Wagon.  So the truck looks huge, which isn't so bad.  I was able to get a piece of roofing rubber, and started the crafting of the Fire Wall Insulator barrier material.  I need to get the dash insulator installed so I can start the wiring.  2012-01-11

  Finished cutting the dash insulator barrier and checked my fit idea for the hanging pedals.  Finished the insulator cuts as well, and then put the two pieces together with adhesive.  I then sprayed the inside surface with some rubberized undercoating to give a flat modeled look.  I did get back to some brake work, having finished the insulator, I could now start hanging the pedals and master cylinders.  But oh well, back to painting some more fasteners.  2012-01-12

  Well, after some parts searches (digging through the boxes) and cleaning up the door/window handles, I spent a little time installing yesterdays painted fasteners for the hanging pedals.  I also after having received the chrome pull cable for the defroster, assembled the MoPar DeLuxe heater.  The voltage drop resistors (50W 4 Ohm 1%) that I plan on using to have functional 6V wipers arrived.  I mistakenly ordered 2 sets of 2, rather than just 2, so I guess I now have spares.  I'll use one per wiper, as the wipers measures in the 4 Ohm range, they should work well.  20125-01-13

  This afternoon, I installed the Dash  Insulator, the Hanging Pedals, the Glove Box Door (less springs), Heater and Tunnel Cover.  I also bolted the cab to the frame and adjusted the grill shell relation to the cab.  Looks like I'll need to raise the radiator shell a little for proper alignment.  2012-01-15

  Today I did the trimming needed to install the Glove Box Door Hinges, it seems VPW's metal glove box isn't just a bolt in unit.  I also determined how and where and installed the Starter Relay and the Voltage Regulator.  the Signal-Stat 900 was also installed.  Worked through the wiring plans, and gauges I'll use.  Need one more wire color, and I can start pulling the wires.  2012-01-16

  Well, I picked up the needed brown wire and wire covering.  Now the wiring begins, pulled all the exterior wires except the headlight wires.  Need to start doing the terminations and wire wrapping and cleanup.  The inside cab wires that stay in the cab, and the fuse block, switched and gauges still need to be installed as well.  I also installed the choke cable as well.  2012-01-17

  Wiring Progress continues.  I also finished the fuel line connections and installation of the dreaded electric fuel pump.  I ended up having to remove and re-install the Signal-Stat 900 turn signal unit.  While connecting it back up I noticed a note about the unit needing a good ground through the steering column.  Well with all the great fresh paint that wasn't happening, so I hade to install a ground wire in it so it's indicators work.  The rear tail lights are wired (except for the grounding), I still need to make brackets for them to mount on.  The under dash ground strip and fuse block have been located, and the light and heater switches are also wired.  Oh, and yes the Headlight switch and Choke cable are CJ parts, I liked that they had the labels printed on the knobs, too bad a push/pull heater switch wasn't available.  Now kind of waiting on the new ignition switch and gauges.  Wired up some more under hood wires, but will need to wrap a few more of them after I'm done running the last wires.  Cowl lights were also mounted, bow to re-build the insides.  2012-01-18

  Continued wiring and started testing the wiring.  Sure seems to take longer than you would expect, but it's not like just throwing in a factory harness and connecting everything.  With the exception of one of the tail lights being color coded wrong everything I've wired tested out good and works well.  While testing the wipers I got a surprise.  I turned on the power supply, and heard a knocking and banging.  As soon as the power was off it stopped.  Well I'd connected the electric fuel pump up and not yet tested it but when I powered up the fuse block to test the wipers, well it works.  The wipers, well they are indeed 6 volt, but a 4 ohm 50W resistor was too large, as it only sent 4 volts to the wipers.  I'll need to pick up a couple of 2.5-3 Ohm resistors to get the voltage up to the 6 volt range.  I finished the batter cables, as well as the vacuum line for the brake booster.  I also repaired and installed the Cowl Lights and High Beam indicator.  My new gauges and ignition switch won't be here until Monday, so I started going through the brake line parts and will need to pick up a couple of special fittings to hook up the proportioning and residual pressure valves.  2012-01-19

  Well rather than making a parts run for those always missing brake line fitting and adapters that are needed for these jobs, I decided to start off working.  I did some more measuring and checking for the grill shell alignment and placement, and still wonder if it needs to be raised, or tilted forward, but will wait till I have the hood on and make the final adjustments then.  Next I went to cleaning up the exhaust pipe I installed back in May of 2005.  I shortened the vertical section 4" to get the exhaust pipe to tuck back up inside the frame where it needs to be.  Sure seemed like it took longer than it should, but re-working the brackets and all too some time.  Next came the initial wiring for the horn.  I also did some more voltage checking on the wipers, using the 4 ohm resistors in parallel, to get 2 ohms.  The 2.5 ohm resistors will work perfect for the drivers side, but the passenger side will be down a little in voltage.  I also installed the wiper arms and adjusted them for proper sweep.  I also did some more design work on the gauge adapter plates I'll need so that they can be fabricated.  2012-01-20

  Mocked up the gauges.  The left side was my initial design, the right is where I'll position the round gauges.  Slightly lower in the flat view, but better positioned for viewing from the drivers position.  I also finished up the wiring harness routing and horn installation, with the exception of some adding some more terminals to the wires.  Ran out of the #8 16-14 AWG terminals, so off to the store for more.  I also installed the brake master cylinder, and was glad I had already installed the battery, as I'm not sure how you would get it in after the Mc was installed.  I also started rear drive shat new U-Joint install.  2015-01-21

  Just a little work today.  Jason and David (sons-in-laws) came over and we installed the hood.  You will notice the "WAGON" on the passenger side is missing, when I installed them on the hood weeks ago, one of the studs snapped off while tightning it, looked like some contamination in the casting.  I've sent it back to the manufacture for repair/replacement.  I also finished the U-Joint and painting of the rear drive shaft, and installed the horn power sire, and coil wire.  2012-01-22

  Now that I had the needed fittings, I bent the last of the brake lines, and the hydraulic clutch line.  Came out pretty decent, not perfect, but should work and look well.  The 10 psi residual pressure valve is located under the cab in place of the union connecting this new rear brake line to the one I had already ran to the rear axle.  The gauges, ignition switch and dimmer switch all came in as well.  I finished up the gauge wiring harness, connected them for testing, and installed the ignition and dimmer switches as well as the power outlet.  The only interior wiring left is the voltage drop resistors for the wipers and the speedometer dash light.  The gauges were thicker than I expected, so I had to tweak the adapter plate design I had.  The gauges should still fit OK, but not as nice as I'd hoped.  2012-01-23

  Good days progress.  I fabricated a mock-up of the bracket to hold the gauges in the approximate location, and they should be good with the final real bracket (not a piece of wood).  I installed and bled the brake and clutch lines.  Boy do I hate this part of the brake job.  Used my pressure bleeder for the clutch, and as it always has done, the top refuses to seal and it leaks brake fluid out, fortunately I took precautions and only brake lines had to be touched up.  So I vacuum bleed the brake lines rather than taking a chance of another brake fluid leak with the pressure bleeder.  After working the Motive Tech Support, there is a newer Aluminum Bleed cover that should work with our GM MC's and a better steal cover for the Dodge Clutch MC.  So next brake job, I should have a successful power bleed.  Next came the adjusting of the clutch slave cylinder.  I had to adjust it more than I expected, and even install a stronger return spring.  I also discovered the clutch was stuck to the fly wheel and had to un-stick it.  I also installed the rear drive shaft.  2012-01-24

  Well, today was a good day.  The Right fender still looks like crap, but the truck starts and runs again!  First time in two years.  Had a couple of fuel leaks I had to fix, still need to re-bleed the brakes.  Now that she is running again, I did adjust the clutch a little more.  Next came the fender, headlight buckets, and running boards to be installed.  The right was the hardest because of it's twist, but they are all on.  The last picture for today on the left actually links to a short video of the truck running/moving.  2012-01-27

  Got the needed 1/4-28 nuts for headlight adjustment and installed them  They aren't the same style as original, but will work just fine.  Now to get the new headlight in and get them installed.  2012-02-02
  Installed the new Left Rear Brake Slave Cylinder today.  As soon as the truck is moved forward I'll do the same to the Right rear.  then I can re-bleed the brakes.  2012-02-03

  This afternoon I fabricated the rear tail light brackets, and the headlight arrived so I installed them.  The headlights are H-4 Halogen headlights with amber LED turn signals/ marker lights (Item # AUT6001C from Street Rod Headquarters).  I'm only using the Turn signal portion though.  Installed the rear brackets and tail lights.  Now to fabricate a front license plate bracket.  2012-02-06
See a post near the bottom for the replacement Headlights.

  Mac from Mac's Custom Interiors called and my re-covered Dakota seats were ready.  So I ran by and picked up a great looking set of seats.  Now to get the headliner swapped for the correct color and get it installed so I can install them.  2012-07-08
  No work, busy on another task.  However the Dash Gauge Adapter Plate I designed has been completed and arrived.  Thanks to Jim at Crabtree Tool & Die, great work turning my design into parts.  Now to clean, prime and paint them so they can be installed.  2012-02-13

  Back at it again today, well a little bit, this cold is making it rough.  I cleaned, painted and installed the gauge adapter brackets.  The speedometer is a tight fit between them, but every thing fits nicely.  While doing a little work in preparation for installing the wiper motor load resistors, I managed to leave the key on a little too long, and burnt up the ignition coil.  Also discovered that I bought 2.5K Ohm resistors rather the 2.5 Ohm, so I had to order two more of the correct resistance.  2012-02-15
  Matt got me the replacement "WAGON" emblem, so I was able to install it.  His service was great, the first emblem had a defect in the casting that caused one of the studs to snap off while installing it.  2012-02-22

  Well after an un0secheduled trip to Missouri to deal with a little theft issue, I'm back to work on the Power Wagon.  Wiper Load Resistors, Seats, Headliner, Doors, and Kick Panels are installed.  Looking more and more like a truck again.  Need to get the new glass cut and installed, then I can install the mirrors and door panels.  2012-03-05
  Thanks to some help from Vaughn a DPW Forum member, I now have the door glass weather strip/guides installed.  Now to wait on the glass to arrive.  2012-03-07

  Took advantage of the nice weather today to take the truck for its first drive in quite a while (since December 2009).  Wanted to test the brakes and see how she did with the XZL tires.  All is great, the rear wheels lock up a little early, but without the bed, I'll wait to adjust the proportioning valve.  She stops great.  Will likely have to fine tune the clutch adjustment a little.  The engine runs great, just has to have a lot of choke to keep it running.  No problem with the larger XZL's, you can still take off in 2nd gear with no issues.  2012-03-11

  After picking up the new door and rear glass I got it installed.  Next came the rear view mirrors.  Last but not least was the door panels and interior handles.  Thanks to Collette (my wife) giving me the extra hand needed to install the last door handle I got the Truck, less bed complete.  Lastly today I touched up a few spots of red paint.  Now I need to get my butt in gear and get the bed design complete and get building.  2012-03-15

  Well, it looks like I got it re-assembled just in time.  Pop came up for an inspection and a ride.  He was very pleased and happy with the trucks looks.  He did complain that the truck hits every bump, and is a little high off the ground to climb into.  Love ya Pop!  2012-03-16

  While at the Power Wagon Wedding in May 2016, I noticed that the driver side headlight pattern was high. After looking at the headlight I found the lenses was deformed (heat melted). I checked with the company I bought them from, Chevs of the 40's, and they dais it's known to happen on occasion and I could either get a replacement free, or pay for upgrading. They were great to deal with and I elected for their upgrade suggestion, the United Pacific 7" Crystal Headlight Bulb with 10 Auxiliary LED Position Lights (Item # S2010LED). The replacements arrived promptly and are a nice heavy quality part. I did have to further modify the headlight bulb bucket to allow the back of the headlight to clear, open up the hole in the back. They are now installed and re-aligned and working great. 2016-06-22

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