William A. Watson, II

My 1st Power Wagon


Model Number:  B-1PW126

Model Year:  1949

Truck (Cab & Frame) Serial Number:  83912457

Body Tag Number:  4312-13868

Engine Serial Number:  T137-14153

Engine Displacement:  230 cu.in. L-Head In-Line 6 Cylinder

Cylinder Bore:  3.25 in.

Stroke:  4.625 in.

Horsepower:  74 at 2,800 RPM (Original Factory)

Transmission: "Up to" type non-synchromesh

Gear Ratio:  5.83

GVW:  8,700 lbs.

Wheelbase:  126"

Weight:  5,570# (3,200 Front - 2,370 Rear)

Length:  210" (w/winch)

Built at:  Detroit Michigan Dodge Plant

Bed:  1st Series (correct for Model Year)

Electrical: 12V (Originally 6V, but converted by previous owner)

Winch: MU2-2, but not original winch

Wheel Rim date: All four are 48

Optional Equipment: MoPar Model 61 heater, dated Jan 30 1949

Original Color Scheme:  Green over Black (40028 Dodge Truck Dark Green)

Current Color Scheme:  Off White

Future Color Scheme:  Detonator Yellow (PYB/QYB) over Black

The Truck's History

My current Activity with and Work on the truck

Pictures of my Truck Taken in December 2003

Trailer Purchase to haul the Power Wagon

2004 Southern Power Wagon Rally

2004 Iowa Power Wagon Rally

August 21, 2004 - 10th annual Woodward Dream Cruise

My 1949 Power Wagon Mirror Arms

2004 2nd Snow

Courtney Driving my Power Wagon

Gabrielle in the Power Wagon

Power Wagon on 6-10-2004

Power Wagon on 6-12-2004

Power Wagon on 7-10-2004

Max (one of our new Dogs) in the Power Wagon, 7-18-2004

Power Wagon, Front on 7-18-2004

Power Wagon, Left Front on 7-18-2004

Power Wagon, Right Front on 7-18-2004

Courtney at the 2005 Auto Show  2-13-2005

Power Wagon, First 2005 Drive Rear  4-16-2005

Power Wagon, First 2005 Drive Front  4-16-2005

Power Wagon, Comparing the Passenger and Driver Springs after adding the 2" adjustment  5-7-2005

Power Wagon, Prepped for TN Rear View  5-8-2005

Power Wagon, Prepped for TN Front View  5-8-2005

Power Wagon, New Rear Hitch, hope I don't need the shackle while in TN  5-8-2005

2005 Coal Creek OHV Area (Windrock TN)

Wiper Motors and Arms

Stromberg Carburetor on my Power Wagon

Right Running Board

Right Ruining Board after Straightening, proof showing hole in board

Bed Front Panel Repair Needed

Building my 1953 Dodge M37 Engine with 26,366 miles for the 1949 Power Wagon

24th International Vintage Power Wagon Rally in Fairfield Iowa, June 2011

3rd Western Kentucky Whompuss Cat Power Wagon Rally

January 21, 2011, back together as a running truck!



As Sold, November 2017



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