The 2011 National Dodge Power Wagon Rally - Fairfield Iowa




















This year since the '49 was back to running, I decided to do a quick clean up and take it to the 2011 24th Dodge Power Wagon Rally in Fairfield Iowa. The truck didn't clean up as well as hoped, so I applied a quick fresh coat of white primer. After loading the truck and a few items I was ready for the road trip to see some good friends, a few new ones and some great food. I missed being truck 49 by one, so I was registered as Truck #50 for this years event. Unfortunately, it looked like attendance was down a lot, as I believe there were less than 60 trucks, when well over 100 was the recent norm. Ended up given Ron's Stubby a pull start a couple of times, and on the night drive, towed an M37 5 miles after running out of fuel, Did manage to get my self stuck in the ditch crossing during the farm ride, NDT's a great, except in slick mud. I didn't stay for the parade and banquette, but had a great time during the Rally. Can't wait till next year, when they celebrate Rally number 25!