Building my 1953 Dodge M37 Engine with 26,366 miles for the 1949 Power Wagon

The M37 was bought at a closed bid county Highway Department Auction in MO.  The truck hadn't run or been used in a few years, but the engine was not stuck.  The Engine was apparently re-built by the Military in January, 1971 by the Pueblo Army Depot.

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  Pulled the M's old 230 L-Head engine out and scraped and power washed most of the gunk off, as well as removed the 24V Generator and Starter.  Discovered that even though the truck was low in miles, the Engine had been rebuilt just like the Transfercase, but 5 months later.  Could be the Engine and Transfercase aren't even the originals for the truck, and fresh rebuilt engines were installed.  05/03/2009

  The previous two days I've been finish cleaning and painting the M's engine and discovering (after cleaning and painting it) that the tranny won't work in the Power Wagon.  Today I spent 8 hours pulling the front of the Power Wagon off, and pulling the engine.  Now to clean the needed parts (and parts of the truck) and transfer them to the new Engine.  I'll also take some time to do some re-wiring on the truck, and the old wires are brittle and missing a lot of insulation.  Hope to get the truck back together soon, and hopefully driving again.  01/04/2011

  Well, I finished cleaning and painting the necessary items (as well as the frame), and bell housing and front motor mounts.  They are installed, and the engine is now resting between the frame rails.  Went back in easer since the brake pedal was out.  I've also cleaned the brake and clutch pedal assemblies and they are ready to re-install.  Now comes the cleaning and re-installing of the Tranny.  Then connecting everything and re-wiring the truck, old wires were too brittle and too many bare spots.  01/06/2010

  Cleaned a good 5 pounds of caked on grease off the transmission.  Cleaned it up so it didn't look so bad, but when it's rebuilt in the future, will give it a better cleaning and paint.  Also installed the Brake and Clutch Pedals, as well as connecting the throttle linkage.  the Old engine now rest comfortably in the storage stand.  the clutch in the engine (M37 Engine) in the truck now has the clutch plate stuck to the flywheel.  Didn't check that before I got this for, but will take the pressure off, and see if it frees up in a week or so.  10/08/2010

  Finished connecting parts, and cleaning and painting a few items.  I also fabricated and installed new fron cab mount blocks.  The are a good 1/4" too tall, so I may have to remove them and shave them down a little.  10/09/11

  Picked up a few more parts and finished tying up a few loose connections as well as install the rear cab mount pads.  Ended up with a fan belt still too long, so another trip to NAPA is called for.  Need to adapt from the 5/16" to the 1/8" oil pressure line.  Moved the old engine over to the other side of the shop with the other engine.  Installed the starter and new choke cables as well as connecting the heater.  Checked the heater motor and it works.  Started prepping the front nose to go back on.  01/10/11

  Back to work on the Truck today.  Wired the Engine side, but still needs to work on the cab side.  With the help of two of the son-in-laws re-installed the front nose .  01/17/11

  Finished the in-cab wiring.  Will need to get a new Light switch, as the tail light contact with headlights is out.  The oil filter flexible lines will need to be replaced as the pressure side sprung a leak.  The engine runs, but immediately goes to full throttle, seems like the governor is stuck wide open.  Oil pressure is at 50 psi when running.  01/18/11

  Well another days work, and the hood hinge is replaced and installed.  I connected the oil pressure gauge, and re-connected the oil filter with a new line.  And the big item, was I found out the  throttle/governor problem.  After pulling the carb, and giving it a good once over, I found no problems, but while re-installing it I discovered the throttle linkage was not returning to full idle because the cab floor was rubbing the accelerator rod connecting to the pedal.  Once I get the slightly shorter blocks in place, that issue should be corrected, and all should be good.  01/20/11

  The Exhaust is on, and other than fabricating a neck for the air filter, she only needs a new clutch.  But she rides again.  01/25/2011

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Video of the Trucks first post engine swap drive

  Pulled the 49's original clutch out of the engine I pulled form it.  It looks recently re-build and pretty good.  Might just use it as is rather than having it re-built.  05/22/2011

My 1949 Dodge Power Wagon

My 1953 Dodge M37

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