A few recommended Changes for the Trailer

I would NOT recomend the Drop Axels
(too low and you loose 2" between the fenders.)

D-Rings should be on 4'-4" (52" centers)

Go with the BullyDog Hitch rather than a conventional one

Add Fender Brace in center at Tear Drop for extra safety in case it's stepped on.

Move License Plate out board to inside edge is no further inboard than the inside of the fender.

Also add step to rear fender brace for access to trailer from behind trailer wheels.

Mount Spare Tire bracket as a Bolt on rather than welded so it can me moved or re-moved in the future if needed.

Also Spare lower back side doesn't rest on bracket and Tire bounces some, needs spacer or stop to support lower area.

Add the front lower Frame steps like Allen had on his Blue Trailer for better access as non-drop axels will raise trailer even higher than current (additional 4")

FYI, Conduit interfered with Load Leveling Hitch