My current Activity with and Work on the truck


    I (Will from Pinckney, Michigan) bought the truck, additional Cab, Floor, replacement Right Front Fender, replacement Right Front Head Light Bucket, replacement Cowl Lights, and miscellaneous parts.

    I changed the oil, filter and lubricated the truck.

    I installed new rear Brake/Tail Light units back in the previous location. However the location is incorrect, but the holes were already in the fenders. Iíve temporarily re-wired the Headlights, Brake Lights, Horn, Turn Signals, and Tail Lights so that they work.

    I changed the front left cab mount that was somewhat smashed and deteriorated from the floor rusting. I installed a new treated block of wood with a flat metal plate to catch a large enough portion of the floor pan to hold that corner of the cab floor up close to the proper location so that the door would again close and operate.

    Installed a make shift chain and hook to the winch cable. While testing we found the brakes didnít hold the truck and we simply pulled it towards the small tree we attempted to pull out of the ground.

    The driving and playing continued to work air out of the brakes and I added fluid and now the brakes work rather well. I also tightened the parking brake up a little and lubricated the handle so it now works smother.

    In addition to the many short trips around the farm and back roads we (my brother and I) made a 2.5-3 hour trip to Illinois and back and other than needing the fan in the heater running and windshield wipers when it started to drizzle we had a great time.

    The front driveshaft needs to be rebuilt and the transfer case rear seal is shoot.


    Headed for Missouri to pick up the Truck and new Trailer on the 28th.  Got the trailer and started checking the Power Wagon's fit.  Good, but should have not got the drop axels, I lost 2" between the fenders.  The Power Wagon fits OK, but the Super Duty touches, so I'd have to remove the running boards to haul it.

    The Truck balances about where I estimated on the trailer, 3' of deck in front, and 1' behind.  The Trailer weighed 2,470 on it's axels and 740 on the jack, for 3,210 lbs.  With the Power Wagon, the combination weighs 8,780 lbs.  My Super Duty is rated for 10,000 lbs, so I'm in good shape.  Used a Load Leveling Hitch to balance the load on the Super Duty and she towed nice.  I only got 9 MPG though.  The V-10 has the power, but drinks the fuel.

    Arrived at our friends house in Tennessee on the 29th and enjoyed their company.  Wish we still lived across the street from each other.  Left for the Southern Power Wagon Rally on Friday the 30th.

    Arrived at the Southern Power Wagon Rally in Monteagle Mountain Tennessee in time to unload and head for the trail.  It was my first Rally and Trail so I didn't know what to expect.  I was worried about the front drive shaft, but it held and I had a great time on the trail, even when the Pitman Arm popped out of the Drag Link, twice.  I used bailing wire for the first repair, but it popped out again quickly.  The second time I used zip ties and it held.  I found out from a previous owner that the Pitman Arm was a bit egged shape and that likely explained the problem.

    Headed back for Michigan after the banquet on Saturday so that I could be home for our youngest 4th birthday on Sunday the 2nd.  The Power Wagon made it home on the trailer behind the Super Duty with no problem, other than 9 MPG.


    After I got the truck to Michigan took the kids and neighbors for rides.  They all loved it and was amazed at the truck's condition for being 55 years old.  However I hit a rough speed bump a little hard I guess, as the truck developed a shimmy and after investigation I discovered the right tie rod end loose.

The parts arrived and I tore into the steering. Well, the Pitman arm was very egg shaped and the Drag Link was wore as a result. Was also missing one of the Sockets on that end as well, but I don't know if I lost it on the trail when it popped apart, or was missing all along. Any way I had to order a replacement Drag Link and wait for it to arrive before getting the truck on the road.

    While I was waiting I pulled out the windshield and pulled it apart so I could put in new glass. Ordered a complete glass seal/channel kit for the truck from Roberts Motor Parts in preparation. The Window Frame is out being sand blasted and epoxy painted, hope it's back before the Iowa Rally. I also pulled the vacuum wiper motors out and sent them to the Wiper Man for a rebuild as well. I also pulled all the wheels off and checked the brakes. While the wheels were off I also cleaned and hid the rust with a fresh coat of primer. Not a permanent situation but a quick clean up.

    Also installed and connected the front Parking Lights and installed a 12 volt power outlet in the glove box.

    The replacement drag link arrived and I reinstalled the steering components. It all went together OK, but the Right turns were tougher (harder) than the lefts. Pulled it all apart again and found the one socket not smooth against the Pitman Arm. So I replaced it with one from the old link that was still in great shape. Filled the steering box with oil and tested again. A lot better, not as good to the Right as the Left, but a lot better.

    Driving 50 MPH without a windshield is interesting, but I don't think there are any loose particles left in the cab.


    Started cleaning the 230 I pulled from the M37 to mount into the Power Wagon.



    Started back on the engine swap, while I wait to get the 46's cab cleaned and painted.  You can see the progress at:  Building my 1953 Dodge M37 Engine with 26,366 miles for the 1949 Power Wagon


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