Pre-WAWII History

1949 - ?

    Not sure who bought the truck new or if there were any owners prior to IMC.

? - ?

    IMC (International Minerals & Chemical Corporation) owned the truck at one point in time. They used it as a welding truck in one of their mines (Potash). It’s highly likely that the only reason the truck is still around is because it was a welding truck. If it had been a regular maintenance truck or a run about truck, it would have most likely been driven into the ground and, pushed into the tailing pile and left to rot. At least that's the fate of those types of trucks per a retired miner. IMC was previously founded as United States Agricultural Corporation in the early 1900’s in Tennessee. The truck was most likely at their phosphate and potash operations in Carlsbad, New Mexico that was opened in 1940. In the 1960’s IMC became IMC Global and is still in operation today.

? – 08/1999

    It belonged to a gentleman that lives east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He bought it from a mining company (maybe IMC) at an auction when the mine closed. He put 4 new tires on it, sold the winch and parked it under a pine tree, where it sat for about 8 years. Not necessarily in that order. Apparently the floor of the truck was rock solid when he bought it, but one of the windows was left down and the pine needles gathered inside the cab. Between the pine needles being acidic and holding moisture like a sponge, the floor detrained to the point it needed to be replaced.

08/1999 – 10/1999

    The truck was owned by a guy in Albuquerque, New Mexico that worked for the Army Corps of Engineers. He had been looking for one for about10 years. Within 1 month of buying it, he received orders to ship off to Germany. Having no way to store it while he was going to be gone he sold it. While he owned it, he replaced the master cylinder and put a new battery in it. He was told that it “just needed a master cylinder” when he bought it and he was pretty surprised when the brakes still didn’t work after installing it.

10/1999 – 10/2003

    Tim from Albuquerque, New Mexico Rebuilt the emergency brake, steering knuckles (using all new bushings, seals and bearings). Tim installed roller bearings in the top steering knuckles (to give it that almost-power-steering feel). Replaced ALL wheel bearings, had the front drums turned, replaced the rear drums, new wheel cylinders, relined the original brake shoes and installed new brake lines.

    The truck had the winch bumper but no winch when he bought it. Tim installed a winch that he got from a guy in Alabama. He had imported a pallet of winches and bumpers from Denmark.

    The truck had a big, weather proof steel box mounted to the bed behind the driver’s door. You could still see the outline of it on the bed. It turned out to be a box hat housed the two-way radio equipment when it was at the mine. The antenna mount was still on the roof when he sold it to Dan.

10-2003 – 12/2003

    Dan from Iuka, Mississippi traded a M-37 with Tim for the truck.

    At some time in it’s past the trucks roof must have been damaged or caved in. A pickup cab roof was grafted onto the truck. They did a pretty good job, but the driver’s side A-Pillar is leaning back a little too much and the cab fuel filler hole was just patched over.


    I (Will) bought the truck, and some miscellaneous parts.


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