My Trailer Purchase                   

I've ordered my Trailer from RETCO Trailers.  The Details are as follows:

  • 18' + 4' Split Deck

  • Hydraulic Tilt Stabilizing Jack

  • Spare Tire Mount  (I've since moved the spare under the trailer)

  • Both Axels with Electric Brakes  (now self adjusting)

  • 81" Wide inside fenders  (82" with my removable fenders)

  • 10,000# Drop Leg Jack

  • Black Powder Coated  (I've since repainted it a few times)

  • Steel Deck

  • 10 D-Rings

I would make some of these changes if I did it again

Here are some quick Pictures of my (Dusty) Trailer:

Here are some Pictures of a Similar Trailer:

Here are some Pictures of the Owners Trailer:

A Modification I made in February, 2008